Yolanda Vela - Painting, Wood carving, Contemporary Art Mexico

Biography and Exhibitions


Prizes and Distinctions

Erotic IV, 65 x 50 cm, mixed media
  • 2010, June, Honourable Mention for “Mirage” work in the “Aqueous Means” Contest, MUNACUA -RODIN-LUMEN, National Museum of Watercolour, Mexico, F.D.
  • 2003, November, Beneficiary of the Programme of Stimuli to Creation, Dissemination, Research and Artistic and Cultural Buildup 2003-2004 in the Visual Arts field in the category of Creators and Intepreters of the State Fund for Culture and Arts of Morelos.
  • 2001, May, 1st Place for the “Erotic Impetus” work at the IV State Room of Watercolour of Morelos, Juarez Section, Borda Garden, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
  • 1999, December, Honourable Mention for the “Nahui Olin” work in the XLIV National Room of Watercolour, National Museum of Watercolour, Mexico, F.D.
  • 1968, August, 1st Place in the Infantile Paint Contest organised by the Ministry of Public Education due to the Cultural Olympiad.

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